I’ve been a member of the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy since 2019. If you love marketing and have a knack for writing, copywriting is something that might come naturally to you.

Where I am Today:

My personal goal was to earn GOOD money on the side. Since signing up I’ve earned THOUSANDS of dollars with…

In my first English class at university, my professor told us to get out a pen a paper and start writing whatever came into our minds. She told us not to worry about grammar, punctuation, spelling or even what we wrote about. Just write. If you couldn’t think of anything…

For years I volunteered at a local radio station. It was my job to host two hours of radio that no one listened to. I learned quickly that it’s extremely easy to be boring. All you have to do is be yourself, be normal. …

Hawker Alex

A certified direct response copywriter and trained communicator, I know how to inspire your audience to take action.

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